Elton Mellor is very proud of the creative ways we resolve challenges.  We care about our clients' business, delivering training that exceeds expectations, achieves positive outcomes and exceptional feedback.  


Market Trader, the third module in a two-year graduate development programme, was a truly remarkable experience for the learners, the clients and the trainers. One client comments: 

"...I think the programme is superb as it really highlights what (graduates) need to think about in real business terms, they can learn so much from a task like this. I think the focus that the programme has is superb. The creative ideas and enthusiasm really stands out...."


Our career regeneration programme had some profound results – so much so that one participant wrote: 

"...I found that the coaching empowered me to take control of my future (and) equipped me with the tools to tackle situations in everyday life. I now have the confidence and motivation to go for my dream job rather than taking what is offered....I have just been offered the dream job. Looks like your prediction of us all being in new jobs within six months is coming true. Thank you, thank you, thank you..."


Understanding the Value of a Pound


A large global investment firm needed its graduate population to develop greater commercial awareness. In recruiting top talent, they realized that their graduates were over-confident and unrealistic about the real world. In a time of economic downturn, the bank needed its staff to manage the firm's reputation responsibly.

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Redundancy – Opportunity or Betrayal?


A national public sector government agency recently faced a massive re-organisation, with middleand senior managers having to re-apply for their jobs. If unsuccessful, they had to find alternative careers outside of the agency.

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