Drinking at the fountain of creativity


When business is growing, there is no need (or no time) for innovation. But when business peaks or dips, creativity is needed in truck-loads.  One client in the technology sector realized that its Business Development Managers (BDM) were becoming complacent and needed new techniques to awaken their inner creativity.

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Six into three will go!


This UK company owns a diverse range of sports, outdoor and fashion brands globally.  The firm has achieved huge success through innovation and ambition, and through cultivating next-generation managers to deliver growth in tough economic times.

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Academia meets Commerce


Following a huge influx of executive managers enrolling on a part-time MBA, this large and prestigious university in the south west of England needed to extend its academic staff to accommodate this.  They needed associate facilitators who could bring real-world business insight into the management modules, and yet who had the intellectual competence to undertake the task of marking, grading and moderating MBA assignments.

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In-sourcing the Weekly Induction Programme


At the height of the boom, the London office of one investment bank was recruiting 200 staff monthly. The bank’s weekly orientation programme had been outsourced but this was becoming a costly burden.  The business wanted to reduce its spend and bring the induction in-house. The HR team was scheduled to deliver the induction but they believed they lacked skills, knowledge and confidence to do this effectively.  The firm’s impact and first impression was at stake.

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