Redundancy - Opportunity or Betrayal?


Client problem

A national public sector government agency recently faced a massive re-organisation, with middle and senior managers having to re-apply for their jobs.  If unsuccessful, they had to find alternative careers outside of the agency.  Many managers were loyal, committed and long-serving employees who felt betrayed.  Few had been on a job interview for a very long time. All were highly intelligent and most were job-bereaved.


Our involvement

With wide experience of career coaching, Janine devised a hugely-successful modular career regeneration programme taking learners along a structured path over a 10 week period.  We were committed to group learning rather than individual coaching, despite the obvious risk of peer competition; we aimed to build esprit de corps rather than to pit individuals against each other. 


What we delivered

We created a cohesive job-seekers community that trusted and supported each other. The early sessions addressed people’s emotional situations and helped them logically assess their circumstances.  We followed a structured format that began with compelling goals and followed a pathway of discovery through positive self regard, convincing CVs, affirmative personal statements, determined action, well-preparedness, confidence, contingency planning and courage.



The original group remained strong and positive for the whole programme. The sessions were fun, positive and honest. It is a testimony to the power of the group that some got jobs that they had never dared dream of; others went for promotions that they’d never considered possible; some got their old jobs back and a few took the opportunity to change their life completely.



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