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Career Re-think


In these turbulent economic times, people need to redefine their lives and re-engineer their careers. In recent years, we have experienced a period of business boom - yet few forecasted the decline.  For some, a portfolio career is a possible outcome; for others, a consultancy career; for many of us, a career change is inevitable.




It’s a job to get a job and it’s hard to face. We help participants think creatively, plan logically and take the action required to get the job they really want. It is a journey both intensely practical and emotionally charged.


• Goals – the ideal role and the good enough role, needs and motivation
• Personal inventory – skills and strength, development areas, self-belief
• CV – format and layout, powerful language, targeting, selling yourself
• Applications – letters of approach, personal statements, application forms
• Strategy for action –plan, personal targets, networks
• Interview practice – the “three minute spiel”, handing tough questions
• Motivation – finding positive energy from rejection, sticking at it
• Closing the deal – negotiating, researching, handling several offers, choosing




Confident, positive and excited ex-employees leave your organization with good feelings. Good energy keeps them feeling positive about their ex-employer.  Companies trust that they are doing the right thing, and those that remain, agree.






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