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The future of presenting includes technology, with its cost-effective global reach and its easy portability.  Despite the most up-to-date equipment, nothing can replace the fact that a weak presenter will kill a message stone dead.  All presenters need to project their personality and communicate their messages to reach out to a (sometimes remote) audience.




Presenting is an essential commercial skill, and like all skills, it can be learned. The great, spontaneous, natural presenters have carefully learned their craft. Humans have an amazing capacity for overcoming habits, anxieties and limiting beliefs.


• Voice work – finding your full voice, to enhance vocal impact in all contexts

• Presentation Essentials – delivery, structure, technique and confidence

• Personal Impact – personal brand, understanding self and others, ‘performance’
• Advanced Presentations – planning, influence, difficult audiences, inspiring

• Podcasts and webinars - autocue, being real, presenting to camera, interviews

• Conference presenting – essential planning, personal performance and crowd control




Improving competence and confidence in presenting brings huge unexpected rewards: effective communicating, assertiveness,
planning and organising, delivering strategy, conciseness, profile raising, influence and team working.





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