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Leading and Managing People


All managers are adapting to the changes and challenges of the 21st century.  Now more than ever, we must be creative, inspiring, networked, forward-thinking, practical, cool-headed, strategic, resourceful and supremely professional. 




Managing tasks, projects, time, money or things in general is relatively predictable.  But managing people requires different skills because people are unpredictable, demanding, needful and human. Whether we are new or skilled managers, without our people, we are nothing.


• Stepping into Management: a well-packed toolkit to help new managers

• Management Refresher: another well-packed toolkit for experienced managers

• Performance Management: generating best performance from all the team

• Creativity and Innovation: literal, lateral and logical techniques to inspire innovation

• Personal Efficiency: planning, prioritising, delegating, self-managing

• Relationship building: essential communication skills of EI, rapport and influence




Good management practices turn around a workforce, lift morale and generate good business. Knowledge, skills and techniques plug in immediately and instant positive results prove the investment.





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