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We are expected to perform more with less – less time, people, resources, margin, commitment. Inevitably, the stronger our relationships are with clients, partners and colleagues, the easier the task.  The building blocks of human interactions give us confidence and competence.




It is assumed that everyone possesses the essential skills of effective communication – yet few people have had the luxury of being taught it.  Much of human interaction is unconsciously filtered, distorted, assumed or pre-judged, and it is little wonder that conflict, confusions, frustrations and lack of relationship traction is the result.


• Essential Communication - core skills for living and working

• Conflict – unconscious patterns, strategies, disagreeing without being disagreeable

• Assertiveness – habits, structures, tricks and techniques, personal beliefs, results

• Persuasion and Influence – different people with different perspectives

• Personal Confidence – personal impact, state management, confidence, networking




Confident and effective communicators focus on managing business and managing relationships.  Powerful persuaders are trusted and valued.  Emotionally-wise people regulate emotionally-charged situations.




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