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Recruiting and Selecting


In changeable times, juggling staff numbers is a complicated business. Having over-shed staff, some companies are re-recruiting to make up shortfall. New opportunities present themselves in spite of recession, and churn means that graduates, specialist staff and internal promotes still need to be selected.





Recruitment and selection is both an art and a science – a pinch of instinct and a handful of logic. Interviewing is not a comfortable fire-side chat and nor is it an inquisition. It is an ethical and logical way of assessing people’s skills according to clearly-defined criteria. 
We learn how to plan the whole journey effectively and deliver a dignified rather than random recruitment choice.

• Process of Recruitment – follow the corporate process from job need to placement.
• Competencies – how to use competencies to select the right people for a role.
• Interpreting CVs – how to spot the hidden issues and the unsung stars.
• Interviewing – tips for inquisitive questioning and structuring an interview.
• Decisions – how do candidate and interviewer know they found the right situation?
• Ethics – how to keep legal and avoid the pitfalls of current UK recruitment law.





A poor recruitment decision is a very costly error of judgment, and interview horror stories travel far and wide.  A positive recruitment experience boosts morale, reduces attrition, generates good news and attracts the right new people into a business.



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