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Facilitating and Coaching


Many businesses are in-sourcing some of the expertise that previously external consultants were providing.  This do-it-yourself approach reduces costs, brings better internal communication and clearer lines of succession.





The roles of facilitator, coach and trainer require specialist knowledge but they also need strong presentation skills, assertive communication, resourceful creativity and pragmatic people management. We provide subject matter experts and technical specialists with structures, models, exercises, techniques, feedback, insight and options.


• Facilitation – group facilitation techniques, planning and structuring, emergency measures

• Coaching – contracting and structuring, essential skills and methods, situational coaching

• Training – from TNA to delivery, tangible ROI, cumulative learning and innovative delivery




Reduced costs and enhanced people skills. Other positive by-products are credible, well-profiled internal tiers of management who have a positive presence and a clear idea about what’s really going on inside their business.



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