Dirk is approachable and an excellent listener, and he builds trust quickly in training and coaching relationships.

Dirk's style is facilitative, drawing out individuals, while adding value with his input and challenges when appropriate. Dirk is a skilled trainer and coach who allows the learner agenda to drive the process, whilst he gently steers.

Dirk has 15 years of corporate experience in Unilever, culminating in a four-year stint as Head of Group Training for sub-Saharan Africa. Since 1999 he has delivered training programmes for a range of clients in the UK, Continental Europe, Middle East and Southern Africa. His clients are in investment banking, commercial banking, IT, FMCG, education, and local government. His key areas of expertise are leadership, change management, career development, business and interpersonal skills training.

He is keen to explore alternative methods to achieve both personal growth and business advantage and inspires confidence and trust, creating a safe space for learners to step out of their comfort zones.


Attributes – professional, pragmatic, persuasive, engaging, gravitas, gentlemanly, unendingly truthful.


Experience – L&D professional, business coach, senior L&D roles.


Notable for – top-quality, professional learning interventions to which participants respond enthusiastically, building long-term clients relationships.



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