Jonnie excels at enhancing people's engagement and achievement within their organisations and in their lives, raising delivery, success and satisfaction for individuals and teams.

Her style is one of encouragement and challenge, empowering people to take charge of their own process, learning, short-and long-term goals.

Good communication – how people relate effectively, in their mother tongue or in a foreign language – is of paramount importance to Jonnie, whether that be in writing, presenting or managing others.

Jonnie's 25 years working experience spans the fields of marketing, public relations, sales, human resources, arts and media, medical, finance, education, automotive, transport, local government and leisure. She has worked cross-culturally and with junior to senior and board level executives.


Experience - company director, journalist, broadcaster, executive/leadership coach and mentor, editor, presenter, trainer, sales representative, account handler. resort manager, author.


Attributes - intuitive, incisive, supportive, facilitative, clear, expressive, enthusiastic, willing to challenge, sage.


Notable for - identifying and working highly successfully with individual learning edges, generating tangible performance and achievement enhancement.



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